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Agricom Agricom researches, develops and markets a wide range of proprietary pasture and forage crop seeds to the agricultural industry.

Our core business is investing in the research and development of forage options, and in the advancement of endophyte technology to increase profits returned back to farmers. We have partnerships in place with Grasslands Innovation a joint venture which includes Grasslanz Technology a subsidiary of AgResearch. Forage crops are also sourced from external relationships via Plant & Food Research (NZ) within the Forage Innovations joint venture programme.

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Barenburg NZ

Barenburg NZ At Barenburg, we’re proud to have been part of New Zealand’s pastoral landscape for 28 years. Barenburg is a New Zealand plant breeding and research company that specialises in pasture.

We’ve bred, selected and trialled some of this country’s best ryegrasses, cocksfoots, clovers and brassicas. Varieties such as Trojan, Bealey, Shogun, Tabu, Weka and more. All backed by the experience and expertise of our staff.

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Cropmark Seeds

Cropmark Seeds At Cropmark Seeds, we’re in the business of breeding and marketing pasture varieties that offer our customers very real performance advantages, through improving their livestock performance, farming systems and bottom line results.

Cropmark’s unique varieties are bred with the emphasis on delivering improved yield, higher nutritional values and disease resistance, coupled with the ability to provide more quality forage when most needed.

Our plant breeding programme is one of the most extensive, highly innovative and professional breeding programmes being run anywhere in the world.

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DLF Seeds

DLF Seeds DLF Seeds uniquely combines access to the world’s largest research programme in forage species, with a world-class plant breeding and testing programme based in New Zealand. This allows DLF Seeds to test the latest plant material and associated technology from around the world, and decide whether they add value to New Zealand’s unique climates and farm systems.

At the same time, the New Zealand breeding programme also utilises the best local plant genetics available, often crossing with elite international plants, to produce cultivars that improve productivity in our conditions. This makes our motto very appropriate, “A world of seed innovation, right here”.

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Germinal New Zealand

Germinal New Zealand Following the development and considerable success of High Sugar Grasses in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Germinal is bringing these new varieties to benefit New Zealand farmers.  Germinal’s collaboration with the world leading plant breeding operation at IBERS in the UK has led to ground breaking developments in ryegrass, festulolium and clover breeding.

Germinal’s “Aber High Sugar Grass” varieties have been subjected to ongoing testing in New Zealand conditions and offer a real benefit to high performance dairy and livestock farmers, initiating higher milk yields and higher live weight gains, as well as offering substantial environmental benefits through improved nitrogen use.

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PGG Wrightson Seeds

PGG Wrightson Seeds Our objective is to enhance the profitability of farmers and growers by providing them with proprietary grass and forage seeds that provide high quality feed for improved animal performance.

PGG Wrightson Seeds has a strong emphasis on research and development and extensive experience in plant breeding. Our research ensures that any cultivars introduced into the market will perform under temperate farming systems with the goal of increasing on-farm productivity and profitability. To achieve our goals, PGG Wrightson Seeds has developed relationships with three primary research partners; AgResearch and Plant & Food Research in New Zealand, and the Molecular Plant Breeding CRC in Australia.

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Seed Force

Seed Force Seed Force was formed early in 2006 and has a dominant local Australasian shareholder base of key seed industry personnel with a significant track record over many years in the seed industry. Backed by the internationally recognised RAGT Semences through its Dutch subsidiary Joordens Zaden BV, Seed Force is operating within the domestic seed markets of both New Zealand and Australia.

The Seed Force Product Development and Evaluation programme is very comprehensive and spans the length of the country, from Southland to Northland. This involves trialing products where they are most often used; using the management practices of those environments, but also includes testing novel and innovative products in previously untested areas.

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