Multi Species Mixes

Multi Species Mixes

Thinking about multi species mixes, Advance Agriculture have experience in supplying these to farmers.

The advantages of multi species pastures have been proven over the past few years to play a crucial role in soil amendment hence improving soil health. Less fertilisers are required and improved weed control reduces herbicide costs.  Having a balance pasture diet also reduces feed costs. 

We have a wide range of plant species to choose from.  Unsure what some species are click here to find out.

GrassesLegumesHerbsCerealsBrassicasOther Species
BromesArrotas Arrow Leaf CloverChicoryBarleyTurnipBuckwheat
CocksfootCaptain Crimson CloverPlantainBroad BeansKaleLinseed
Festulolium RyegrassHairy VetchYarrowWheatMustardPhacelia
Italian RyegrassHytas Clover OatsTillage RaddishSunflower
MilletPersian CloverWildflowersPeasRapeFodderbeet
Perennial RyegrassRed CloversLotusRyecornRaphno 
TimothyStrawberry CloverLupinSorghumSwede 
Yorkshire FogVetchSheeps BurnettTic Beans  
 White Clovers Triticale  

Want to know more talk to one of the team at Advance Agriculture.  It's important to get the right mix so that plants complement each other rather than compete.  It has taken a few years for us to master this.

Mark Anderson describes how multi species pastures are benefiting his regenerative farming model.  Mark is one customer of Advance Agriculture in South Otago who has been using multi species mixes for some years with profitable outcomes.